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Chain/Prong Dog Collars

Have a great desire to stop your dog’s heavy pulling? Prong and chain collars are perfect for excellent control. Start educating your Great Dane with Herm Sprenger prong/chain collars available of stainless steel, chrome plated steel and non-allergenic curogan. The Herm Sprenger is the name extremely popular and known for every dog owner who faced the dog’s disobedience. First of all, it means German quality that will never let your down. We have in stock prong collars, choke chains, collars for dog shows and fur savers - they have different training influence, but all they are equally effective and safe for the dog, if used correctly. High quality is confirmed with the special red tag or HS stamping on the links. All the links are properly welded and prongs are securely joined for maximum strength and durability. Non-corrosive materials will not tarnish, rust, or break and are recommended for professional use.


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