Proper feeding for aged Great Dane

Changing in dog’s behavior, e.g. lowering of physical activity, is the first sign, that your Great Dane is getting older. Very often low physical activity causes slowdown of digestion. To make digestion better, you may add or increase the amount of dietary fibers in dog’s feeding. It should be mentioned, that when Great Danes become old, their appetite for food and imbibition deteriorate appreciably. That’s why it’s very important to watch over the feeding and make sure your dog eats only best-quality food. It should digest easily and contain all necessary vitamins, proteins and fatty acids.

The main reasons of Great Dane death are several types of cancer. To make the life of your Great Dane long, you should add special additives to your dog’s food, that will help to decrease the risk of cancer.
Why does the dog’s organism age? The sells of dog’s organism are constantly influenced by many factors, that contributes to oxidation of free radicals. These radicals start up the process of aging. In order to protect sells from destruction and to sequester free radicals, choose feeding, full of C and E vitamins, because they are perfect natural antioxidants.

The older is the dog, the bigger is the risk that his kidneys’ functioning will break. It should be mentioned, that proteins in food don’t cause renal failure. Moreover, food, full of proteins has positive influence on dog’s health and lifetime. That’s why, if your Great Dane has no renal insufficiency, don’t decrease the amount of proteins. But, as for phosphorus, situation is the opposite. When your Dane is six years old, you should decrease consumption of phosphorus in order to keep up kidneys’ function.
Great Dane is inclined to different skin diseases, for example demodecosis. Dog’s impressive weight causes corns. In order to keep your dog’s skin and hair healthy and beautiful you should add more fatty acids to his food.

How to make old Great Dane eat.
Some aged dogs  become too skinny, because they have no appetite. If your dog begins to be picky in food, you should go to the vet to eliminate all possible medical reasons for such behavior. If after the visit, you are sure that the dog is healthy, it’s time to interest your dog in eating. If your dog normally eats dry feed, may be now it’s difficult for him to chew it. You may add canned food or broth to the dry food. You may also add small portion of cat’s food, it will make dog’s food more fragrant. Some dogs like, when milk or eggs are added to the food. Others prefer ordinary food with vitamins and minerals. Please, consult the vet as for making natural diet for your Great Dane.

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