Medical preventive measures

To such measures belong vaccination and cleaning from inside and surface parasites, like worms, fleas and mites. Remember, that health and even life of your dog depend upon these measures. Vaccination helps your dog’s organism to get ready to the “meeting” with harmful microorganisms. In general, vaccination is a way to preserve your dog from diseases and to increase his immunity. Visit the vet, get your puppy vaccinated in time and later make sure he get the booster shots at the right time.

Parasites, like worms and fleas, carry different infections. Though many new vaccines have appeared recently, it is still easier to prevent illness than to cure it. That’s why preventive vaccines remain to be the only one reliable method to protect your dog’s health.

Vaccines should be made only by veterinarian. He will recommend you certain vaccine and will watch over your dog’s reaction to it. Don’t try to save on your dog’s vaccination, because the health of your favourite dog depends directly upon it. Vaccine should be chosen according to age, weight and many other characteristics of your dog, that vet can think over better than you.

Cleaning from worms and fleas.

Cleaning from worms is the first preventive measure in puppy’s life. It’s difficult to recommend some certain medicine. You should watch over you dog’s health to determine how often the medicine should be given.

Medicine against worms is normally recommended to be given three times in a year. The same applies to the medicine against fleas and mites.

Note, that cleaning procedures shouldn’t be fulfilled on puppies under three months.

Remember, that medical care is vital to any dog. Even if your Great Dane seems to have no problems with health, it’s recommended to visit vet at least once in a year for yearly checkup.