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June, 16 2014

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At any age Great Dane looks fantastic. This dog is destined to encourage attention and make people thrill with delight when seeing him on the street. Little or big Great Dane - it does not matter - his beauty is obvious - perfect body proportions and attractive hair color. This dog is not only handsome, he has a strong nature as well. This dog is not a friend of every person - he chooses a true leader, a strong and straightforward person that knows how to deal with Gentle Giants. We can't be owners of Great Dane breed if we do not have plenty of time for his education. Impatient persons should also keep away from this alert, fearless, loyal and intelligent dog. When you raise this dog you must never forget that you chose Great Dane as a pet - provide special conditions for him, do not pamper him too much.


Great Dane. Growth and development

Newborn Great Dane puppy weighs around 500-800 gm and he will hundred times increase his weight to approach the weight of adult dog. Period of puppy’s growth and development is rather long, but intensive. For example, being on his growth peak, Great Dane puppy may put on 2 pounds in a week. The dog will be completely developed by two years old...