Improve relations with your Great Dane



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January, 14 2014

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You are fortunate soul because you have one of the best dog breeds - Great Dane! It is impossible not to love this pet sincerely and deeply. Even those disliking dogs cannot but admire Gentle Giants. This gracile, clean and noble four-feet pal demands respect. Dear dog handler, I worship your Dane because I judge him to be very smart and handsome dog. Only some of us can raise this racy dog properly without neglecting prescribed rules. Pet training enables happy life of your beloved friend. Do you often make your dog busy with some interesting occupation when taking him out? Professional trainers can't do without specialized programs that improve education of companion animals. 
Great Dane has a great deal of energy and needs a lot of exercise. He expects you to engage him in special settings/training sessions in order to live long life. You should do your best to strengthen relations with your Giant - teach him good manners and you will be best friends! 



Why does Great Dane dig?


Pretty little puppy inexorably grows. And the damage, he causes, increases inexorably as well. “How can I make him stop digging?”- asks the owner. There are a lot of different methods to solve this problem. However, only some of them are effective, while others aren’t.