Great Dane needs physical exercise to stay safe and sound



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February, 11 2014

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 Gentle Giants love to play and run a lot - by doing that they become merry and satisfied with life. You, caring and loving dog owner, do your best to please this wonderful canine, don't you? Definitely, you know that amusement and training should go hand-in-hand. Otherwise, your pet will grow spoilt.
As far as I am concerned, I cannot feel happy without seeing Great Dane going proudly in the street. I love this breed from childhood and it is my dream to have him at home one day. Judging by his smooth gait I can't help admiring his grace, I clearly realize how sensitive and tender he is. It is quite easy to offend this creature because he has vulnerable soul. As a rule Great Dane is friendly, peaceful and much attached to his family, gets along with kids. Together with obedience and industry you should know about protective and fighting instinct, bravery and staunchness of this pet. He is self-confident and fearlessness but at the same time he treats surrounding people nicely

Why does Great Dane eat unnecessary things?


Eating of unedible things, like toilet paper, candy wrappers, socks and many other objects is very popular problem, faced by many Great Danes' owners. This behaviour isn’t only unhygienic, but also very dangerous for the dog’s health. And to prevent your Great Dane from doing it, let’s determine why he may do it.