Great Dane grooming

Grooming is very important for any dog, including our favourite Great Dane. It improves dog’s appearance, contributes to dog’s mental and physical well-being and helps to prevent different diseases and infections. Great Dane is a member of the family, so you must care for him as well as for any other member of your family. Several areas, where your Great Dane needs special care are the following:


Dogs aren’t humans and there is no need to bath your Great Dane every day. But, how often it should be bathed then? The frequency of bathing depends upon the individual pet. In a few words it should be done on a “as needed” basis. Of course, when your dog starts to look scrubby or gives off an odor, it’s time to wash him. Please, remember, that if it’s cold outside, the dog shouldn’t be allowed to go out until he is completely dry. It will prevent him from getting sick.  Don’t use human shampoo, when washing. There is a great variety of dog shampoos, that are formulated for dogs’ skin. Shampoos, intended for human use, can irritate dog’s skin and cause excessive drying. When washing your dog, make sure shampoo doesn’t get in his eyes.


Great Dane normally has short hair, but his hair still needs to be brushed. You should start using a dog brush, when your Great Dane is a puppy. Soon he will get comfortable with brushing and he may even look forward to it. Brushing is meant to prevent matted hair and remove excess fur. It will also help to remove pet dander.


Please, pay special attention to your dog’s ears. Examine them regularly for dirt and wax. Be careful, using soft cotton ball and never lodge it into the ear. Don’t use a Q-tip! The ear drum may be easily damaged by the cotton applicator. If you don’t know or hesitate how to clean your dog’s ears, please, consult your veterinarian.


It’s vital to keep your dog’s nails trimmed, but, be careful, because there are veins in Great Dane’s nails. If you’ve never clipped a dog’s nails before, it will be better to take him to a groomer. Later, when you will be sure how to clip the nails, you may purchase clippers and do it by yourself at home. Keeping up with your dog’s nails you prevent in-grown nails, that are very painful.

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