The most effective measures to keep your dog healthy and strong



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October, 28 2013

As you know, to raise Great Dane is a great responsibility. Your Gentle Giant always needs care. You should always know what is harmful to your dog and how to prevent it. For this purpose we prepared for you a short list of the main effective health care measures in our today’s newsletter. 1. Dog experts say that one of the best way to prevent health problems with your four-footed friend is to visit veterinarian regularly. 2. You shouldn’t also forget about vaccination  that will probably protect your pet from different deceases. 3. Grooming is also very important part of the dog’s health. 4. You should consult specialists about dog’s ear cleaning and nail trimming. 5. Protect your Gentle Giant from parasites. Your four-feeted friend can suffer from fleas, ticks and other parasites that can be prevented by a special veterinary approved products. 6. One of the keys to a good health is balanced nutrition. Feed your dog according to his size, age and other main parameters. 7. Of course, don’t forget about dog training. Below, you can read more detailed information about dog medical preventive measures. Follow these simple rules to keep your giant healthy.
To such measures belong vaccination and cleaning from inside and surface parasites, like worms, fleas and mites. Remember, that health and even life of your dog depend upon these measures. Vaccination helps your dog’s organism to get ready to the “meeting” with harmful microorganisms. In general, vaccination is a way to preserve your dog from diseases and to increase his immunity. Visit the vet, get your puppy vaccinated in time and later make sure he get the booster shots at the right time.
Tracking in one of the hidden talents, your Great Dane possesses. As any other dog he has a perfect sense of smell and is extremely curious. If you already tried tracking activities with your dog, you are most likely sure that your dog enjoys tracking. However, if you only think about participating in this activity, we would like to offer you this Reliable Leather Leash, that is great for tracking and many other activities.
Dear dog owner, be sure that our professional team constantly create, test and experiment the products so you and your Great Dane may have the most comfortable and gorgeous versions. We give your pet a reason to be happy! Of course, he already have dozens of them. He has a caring and loving family and enjoys his life every day. We give you a slight hint how to make your dog’s appearance perfect and unbelievable. Our company designed this Marvellous Leather Collar with plates exactly for this purpose.
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