Great Dane Obedience Training,Great Dane working

K-9 Saxon – Wales(Badge On My Collar)

Deterred by Saxon’s protectiveness, the brazen and profane youths resorted to throwing hunks of wood at Mike and Saxon from a safe distance. As the wood sailed towards the downed officer and the dog, Saxon tried to deflect the missiles with his body or catch them in his mouth. But he could not stop all of them, and a few of the hard chunks hit both him and Mike.



Cautiously, Mike approached the car and with one swift thrust of his boot, he smashed in the driver’s side window. Tinkling glass fell to the ground, and Mike reached in through the remaining sharp shards and unlocked the door. No sooner had he reached in than the driver pushed Mike’s head down, slapped him several times and then pushed him back out the window. Trying but failing to maintain his balance, Mike fell to the ground on top of Saxon. No command was needed. Sax leapt to his feet and launched himself through the window clamping down hard on the driver’s shoulder. Half in and half out of the car, Sax was not letting the driver get away!