Proper feeding for your Gentle Giant



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October, 14 2013

In our today’s newsletter we would like to discuss the topic of good nutrition for Great Dane. As you know, good nutrition is an irreplaceable part for the dog’s healthy life. First of all, you should learn what your Gentle Giant needs to stay happy, healthy and full of energy. The best way to provide your four-footed friend with these needs is to make sure that he eats healthful food. For the dog to stay in a good health he needs fresh water, minerals, vitamins, proteins and other healthy elements. As Great Dane belongs to the giant dog breeds, he requires special food according to his age, size, gender and amount of his daily exercise. So, in our newsletter you can find an article with very important topics about correct feeding of your Gentle Giant. We hope that a lot of information, such as what kind of food is appropriate for your dog, how many times should the dog eat in a day and other, will be helpful for you, dear dog owner. So, read this information and feed your giant in a proper way!

Proper feeding for Great Dane

The dog should eat from the ware, settled on a stand, otherwise he will have incorrect posture. The height of the stand should be gradually changing according to the dog’s height. The ware should be at the dog’s chest level or a little higher for the dog only to lower his snout. It’s recommended for the owner to have two wares, one for the food and another for water. The food should be neither cold nor hot, it should be warm. Please, don’t forget that your dog also needs mineral feeding. Ask professional breeder or vet to recommend you appropriate feeding.

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Every season has it’s clothes. We won’t wear T-shirt in winter and vice verse we won’t wear coat in summer. You Great Dane has his own clothes - his perfect hair. However, it’s not long enough to protect your dog from cold. If the winter is very cold in your place of residence, the dog will be frozen immediately after leaving the house. To prevent it we created New Warm Winter Coat and are happy to present it to your attention. 
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