Appropriate place for Great Dane puppy

Before taking Great Dane puppy to your house you should choose place, where he will spend the biggest part of his life. The place should be permanent and enough for adult dog as well.
Does Great Dane needs a separate room to live in? Dane is a big-sized indeed, but he is space-saving at the same time. He may feel comfortable living in a small apartment if the main condition - regular and effective walks is fulfilled. In case the dog spends all his energy during the walk, he won’t be galloping around the apartment, crashing and breaking the things on his way. Of course, a cottage with fireplace, large territory for walking, forest and pond near the house, is a perfect variant for Great Dane’s keeping. But the separate room isn’t vital as well.

The next step, after you chose the place, is to make a “bed” for the puppy. It may be done in a different ways, that won’t spoil the whole interior of the apartment, but at the same time will create comfortable conditions for the puppy. For the place to be soft and flat enough, without bumps and hollows, special bedding, made of foam rubber should be placed. You may also use folded counterpane. You may sew several special pillowcases for convenience and change them when necessary. Besides, due to such pillow cases the interior of your apartment won’t be spoiled by the unpleasantly looking dog’s place. The place shouldn’t be too high above the floor for the puppy to lie down easily. Great Dane isn’t light weight dog and in time corns and bold spots will occur on his elbows. Nowadays, there are a lot of ready “sofas” for big-sizes breeds. You may also make such place using back of the old sofa.  

Puppy’s place is his home, his shelter, where he should feel safe. It’s not recommended to make unpleasant for puppy things there (e.g. punish, scream, give medicine). Don’t make a place for Great Dane in the kitchen, in the dark hall, in the bathroom or passageway, where the puppy may be often disturbed.

After the place is chosen you should patiently teach your dog to like it, sleep and stay there for some time. Firstly, is he will fall asleep somewhere else, put him to his place, fondle him, telling “place” quietly. Stroke him if the puppy settle on his place by himself. Don’t be grudge for caress and praise.