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Augast, 27 2013

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletters. We are very happy to present you a lot of interesting information every 2 weeks. Our main topic is your favorite Gentle Giants and today is not an exception. In every newsletter we would like to present you everything you need to know to be a happy dog owner of Great Dane. It is a great responsibility to grow up Gentle Giants and not everyone can take it on. Let’s speak about Great Dane training! If you want to train your four-footed friend effectively, you should remember that dogs have many different personalities just like humans. The world of dog training is complex. There are different dog training approaches. Not every type or methods of training is appropriate for every dog. So, if you are a beginner in this aspect it will be better to find a professional trainer.
The main idea of the training is that the dog should be taught to use his hindquarters. Hip joints, stifle joints, hock joints and even toes should be flexible and work as good as an oiled machine. The ligaments should be strong and the muscles - powerful and flexible. Needless to say that only dogs with healthy limbs are allowed to participate in training. Exercise therapy is out of the question. Appropriate load to the hindquarters will improve the general posture and body’s balance. As a result of the training, forequarters begin to work freely and easily, the normal, well set neck appears, withers is seen distinctly, too much arched loins comes to normal, the croup unbends. The movements of the dog after the training are reachy and effortless. What should be done to achieve this? 

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It’s true that uncomfortable and toxic Collar or the Collar of the wrong size may cause a lot of troubles to the dog’s health and mood. However, don’t think that putting Collar on your Great Dane is too cruel and harmful. We have years of experience of working and communicating with professional dog trainers and breeders. Many of them successfully use Collars in their everyday work. Where you may find true Comfortable, Safe and also Trendy Leather Collar for your Great Dane? 
The Fantastic Nylon Harness, we present, has one unique peculiarity that helps to moderate pulling and show your Great Dane, that it’s not convenient to jerk. If you attach the leash to the strong additional ring on the front part of the harness, your dog will feel a little discomfort when pulling. As a result you dog may understand, that pulling and jerking isn’t appropriate way to behave. We mentioned only one great detail of this Harness and there are many others worth your attention. Are you intrigued? Read the information below and find out.
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