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September, 30 2013

It is wonderful to be the owner of Great Dane. But,  do you agree that raising Great Dane puppy is a great responsibility? It can be a big trouble for those dog owners, who are not prepared. Of course, every dog breed needs a great responsibility, but the bigger the dog, the more time and money he requires. Everyone, who dreams to raise such giant dog, first of all, should consult the specialist how to raise Great Dane correctly and then, answer the following questions: Are you ready to spend enough money for the proper food for your Gentle Giant? Can you provide your giant dog with appropriate equipment, toys, vehicle, medication etc. Do you have enough free time for regular walking and training your four-footed friend? Does your house allow you to have a dog of large size?  Is owning Great Dane for you? So, if all these point are not a problem for you, we wish you good luck in raising your Gentle Giant. 
Note! Do not own Great Dane dog breed just for fun! Do not leave him alone for many hours. Great Dane is considered to be a very sensitive dog breed that always needs your love and care.

Appropriate place for Great Dane puppy

Before taking Great Dane puppy to your house you should choose place, where he will spend the biggest part of his life. The place should be permanent and enough for adult dog as well. Does Great Dane needs a separate room to live in? Dane is a big-sized indeed, but he is space-saving at the same time. He may feel comfortable living in a small apartment if the main condition - regular and effective walks is fulfilled. In case the dog spends all his energy during the walk, he won’t be galloping around the apartment, crashing and breaking the things on his way.

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The Fantastic Nylon Harness, we present, has one unique peculiarity that helps to moderate pulling and show your Great Dane, that it’s not convenient to jerk. If you attach the leash to the strong additional ring on the front part of the harness, your dog will feel a little discomfort when pulling. 
Probably nobody will argue that dogs need walks. Walking is a favourite time for your Great Dane, when he can stretch his legs and have fun, running and playing with his beloved owner. Do you know when the walk is impossible? In fact, there may be many reasons for it, for example bad weather. However, walking is also impossible if you don’t have High-quality Leather Leash to control your Gentle Giant. We are glad to present you this Studded Leather Leash
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