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July, 29 2013

Do you know that Great Dane in home has its pros and cons. Do you know that he needs a proper care and attention to grow up healthy and strong? Great Dane is a large dog breed so you will need to be more cautious in keeping such a type of dog. He is like your baby and requires a serious responsibility and dedication. Of course, being a large dog breed, the needs of Great Danes, including shelter, food, water, grooming, and veterinary care, are bigger than the smaller-sized breeds. But, inspite of its dimensions, it is not necessary to have a large house for Great Dane. This breed can even live in apartments. So, if you are already the owner of this wonderful dog breed, or just plan to get it, please, spend a few minutes to read our newsletters and to learn a lot of useful information about your favorite Great Dane dog breed.


Proper feeding for aged Great Dane

Changing in dog’s behavior, e.g. lowering of physical activity, is the first sign, that your Great Dane is getting older. Very often low physical activity causes slowdown of digestion. To make digestion better, you may add or increase the amount of dietary fibers in dog’s feeding. It should be mentioned, that when Great Danes become old, their appetite for food and imbibition deteriorate appreciably. That’s why it’s very important to watch over the feeding and make sure your dog eats only best-quality food. It should digest easily and contain all necessary vitamins, proteins and fatty acids. 


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Exquisite Leather Harness With Magnificent Pattern


No doubt Great Dane is unique dog breed. He is unique in character and size as well as in devotion to his owner and habits. Such dog needs extraordinary dog equipment to stress upon his features and appearance. We are happy to present you this "Barbed Wire" Painted Leather Harness, that will accentuate your dog’s power and strong character. This Leather Harness will be great for different activities with your Great Dane, like agitation, obedience or off leash training sessions and daily walking. 

Super Durable Leather Collar


Looking for a Good Strong Collar for your massive Great Dane? It’s sad if you spent many hours and efforts to find such Collar, but we are happy to tell you the First-quality Reliable Collar for your Giant really exist. This Leather Collar is wide enough and made of high-quality material to provide your pet with only Top-class equipment. This Collar is perfect for handling such large and active breeds as Great Dane. No more weak or flimsy Collars! Get the Collar your Giant deserves!