Are you ready to start keeping Great Dane?

Before taking home pretty little puppy with pink tummy, stop for a minute and think it over. Life is going to change not only for the dog but for everybody, who lives in your house and for your neighbours also. Before making this crucial step (Great Dane is a big-sized dog, remember?), it will be useful to answer the following questions:
Am I ready to take responsibility for my dog to the end of his life?
Dog takes a strong affection towards his family quickly and forever. If you raise the dog with patience and love, he will never betray you. Taking Great Dane puppy to our house, we sign the invisible agreement, that states: “This dog will be with me and my family no matter what happens (including diseases, lack of money or damaged furniture)”. If you don't agree, don’t start keeping Great Dane.  

Do I have time for Great Dane?
Despite the fact that Great Dane activity requirements can be considered average to low, however you should have enough time to spend with your dog outdoors. Taking into consideration that Great Danes are medium energy dogs, walking with your pet should not exceed 20 minutes a day. The rest of the time use up for training or just playing. Yet as a general rule, Great Danes as a breed are not required excessive exercise.

Is your interior appropriate to keep Great Dane?
The dog, especially puppy, is a real threat to antiques, light-colored carpet and expensive upholstery of the furniture. The dog may be a threat to walls with silkscreen decoration as well. He may eat plaster, your favourite ficus or other plants. Great Dane’s presence in the house may be compared with the presence of a two-year-old child. The difference is that by 8 month your Great Dane puppy will be like an adult dog in size, so he will be able to reach things, that are placed high from the ground.

What do you expect from the dog?
Of course, it’s good if you have plans and ambitions as for dogs’ competitions. However, don’t forget that your dog should be a member of the family and companion first. Even if your Great Dane win all the possible competitions, the biggest part of his life he will spend with you and your family.

What will Great Dane give to you?
He will be your true friend and a sweet, affectionate companion. He loves to play and is gentle with children. He's eager to please and highly people-oriented, demanding a great deal of attention from those around him. Great Dane will make you feel safe physically and emotionally.