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35% OFF - LIMITED OFFER! French Linen Bite Great Dane Toy for Training - 3.5 inch (9 cm)


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  • Model: TE28#1031 French Linen Ball - 9cm


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French Linen Great Dane Bite Toy on string

Do you want to raise a true champion in bite work? Then itís high time to start training! We offer you new High-quality product, suitable for puppy and young dogs training. This Dog Bite Toy is made of French linen, that is the same material, used to make professional bite sleeves and suits. Thus this Dog Toy is perfect to train your Great Dane puppy. You can use this Dog Ball when training prey drive as well. What dog doesnít dream to participate in this activity? Your puppy will love it! And of course this Dog Toy is great for having fun with your puppy. As you may see Dog Ball, we offer, is a reasonable purchase for every Great Dane owner, who wants his pet to be alert and well-developed. You can find detailed information about this Ball below.

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  • French Linen Great Dane ToyFrench Linen Training Great Dane Toy
  • Great Dane Ball on stringGreat Dane Ball on string for training

Key features of this Great Dane Ball:

  • High quality product
  • French Linen material
  • Long durable string
  • Stitched four colored surface
  • Dog-friendly material
  • Non-toxic
  • Nylon string
  • Stuffed with dog-friendly filler

Intended use of this Great Dane Ball:

  • Prey drive
  • Playing with your dog
  • Training bite grip

Sizes available:

  • 16.5 inch (42 cm) - length of string
  • 4.2 oz (120 g) in weight
  • 3.5 inch (9 cm) in diameter


  • French linen body
  • Nylon string

Itís very important to use only non-toxic training equipment when working with dogs. This Dog Toy is made of strong French linen and stuffed with dog-friendly synthetic material that cause no harm to the dogís health. Four coloured parts are reliably stitched together with special thread. Please note, that this Ball isnít meant for chewing, so donít let your dog gnaw it and donít leave him alone with the Ball, because he may swallow it.

This Great Dane Bite Ball is equipped with nylon string for your convenience. You can hold the string when doing any activity with the pet. Nylon is well-known to be extremely durable material and the string itself is reliably stitched to the body of the Ball. This Multipurpose Dog Ball will soon become your favourite item to train agility and persistence of Great Dane. Order it now and use only finest quality dog training equipment!

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