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Nylon Dog Harness for Pulling, Tracking, Training and SAR

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  • Model: H17##1031 Nylon Harness with patches


Quality Great Dane Nylon Harness for different activities

If you have an obedient Great Dane, who is walking quietly, you are probably a happy owner, who doesnít know what is constant jerks and hard pulling. But, what if the situation is the opposite? When Great Dane pulls it may be difficult to stand and the behaviour of the kind becomes a huge trouble. We are sure that Great Dane needs special training and we know very well what kind of equipment may be best for him.

The Fantastic Nylon Harness, we present, has one unique peculiarity that helps to moderate pulling and show your Great Dane, that itís not convenient to jerk. If you attach the leash to the strong additional ring on the front part of the harness, your dog will feel a little discomfort when pulling. As a result you dog may understand, that pulling and jerking isnít appropriate way to behave. We mentioned only one great detail of this Harness and there are many others worth your attention. Are you intrigued? Read the information below and find out.

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  • Professional Great Dane Nylon Dog CollarAdjustable Great Dane Nylon Harness
  • Nylon Harness with handle to walk Great DaneNylon Harness with handle for Great Dane Breed


Key features of this Great Dane Harness:

  • Extra strong
  • May be used in any weather
  • Ultra light weight
  • Increased durability
  • Easy quick release buckle
  • Wide non-stretch straps
  • Extra rings on both sides
  • Be in control handle
  • Identification ability
  • Extra front ring for better control
  • O-ring to attach the lead
  • 2 ways adjustable
  • Affordably priced
  • Removable under belly strap
  • Comfortable to wear

Intended use of this Great Dane Harness:

  • Obedience/Off-leash training
  • Walking
  • Everyday activities
  • Pulling activities
  • Patrolling
  • Easy tracking
  • Exercising

Sizes available:

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

Available colors:

  • Black

How to size your Great Dane for this Harness:


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    20-23 inches (50-60 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    22-27 inches (55-68 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    27-33 inches (69-84 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    32-42 inches (80-109 cm)

Extra Large:

  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    34-47 inches (85-120 cm)

To continue the list of useful details, this Nylon Harness possesses it should be mentioned that:

There is a comfortable stand-up handle, that is stitched for better durability. You will need the handle in case your Great Dane should be quickly put under your control.

The under belly strap adds to the durability of this Nylon Harness and due to it your Great Dane will feel snug and cozy when wearing this Harness. However, if in some situation you will consider it to be unnecessary, you will be able to remove it.

For your convenience this Harness is equipped with easy quick release buckles. First of all, they help to shorten the time, necessary to put the Harness on and off your Great Dane. And secondly, they fix the Harness reliably and there is no chance for your large dog to break free.

Nylon is one of the best materials to produce High-quality dog equipment. It has a lot of advantageous features, for example nylon is water proof, time proof, has perfect abrasion resistance, good colorfastness and plenty of other features, that make the product, made of nylon, a reasonable choice. By the way, nylon is comparatively cheap and serves for years!

Your Great Dane will always be unique wearing this World-class Nylon Harness. There are Velcros on both sides and you may choose the patches you like to attach to it. Please note, that one patch set is included For Free with the purchase. Please be advised, that we donít make patches with the name of your Great Dane or any other information, but we may send you blank patches for you to print everything you want on them. You are welcomed to choose a pair of patches from the following list:

Search and Rescue
In Training
Military - K9
Police - K9
Service Dog
Therapy Dog
Blank patches

Do you want to build muscles of your large Great Dane? Then pulling is a great opportunity to do it! There are two extra D-rings on both sides of the Harness to attach the pulling cargo. You donít need to reinvent the wheel, because our creative team already made this Nylon Harnesses suitable for many activities, including pulling.

Do you think we told you about all beneficial features? No way! There are dozens of them! Try and see yourself!

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