Ways to determine appropriate food volume

There are two ways to determine appropriate volume:

First is called “Roughly”. If your Great Dane is neither skinny nor fat, active and full of energy, the ration is balanced and enough for your dog.

Second way is to calculate necessary amount of calories (in a day) taking into consideration the weight of your pet. Please, consider physical activity of your dog, type of nervous system and chronic deceases. Be attentive when calculating the necessary amount of calories. If the dog is fat, calculate the amount for the desirable weight and vice verse, if the dog is skinny, calculate adding necessary kilograms.

If you considered all physical activities of your dog and calculated the amount of calories correctly, but your Great Dane remains to be skinny, the reasons may be the following:

1) The dog doesn’t get the necessary amount of nutrients. In this case, please, recalculate attentively the necessary amount of calories.

2) The food isn’t digested well because of shortage of enzymes, that, in it’s turn, is a result of disease of the digestive system (chronic gastritis, enteritis, enterocolitis). In such case, biochemical stool test to determine digestibility of proteins, carbohydrates and fats is necessary.
3) Chronic diseases, like endometritis, pyelonephritis, cancer, leukosis exhaust dog’s organism and “eat” calories. In this case urine analysis, US of abdominal cavity organs, clinical and biochemical blood test are necessary.

4) Chronic renal disorders (nephrosis, glomerulonephritis). Us of kidneys  and urine analysis are necessary.

5) Chronic hepatopathy and pancreas, as a result frequent diarrhea and vomiting. Biochemical blood test and Us of abdominal cavity organs are necessary.

6) Thyroid gland diseases (hyperthyrosis). Blood test to determine hormones of thyroid gland is necessary.

The main reasons why your Great Dane is fat may be the following:
overfeeding with cereals, poor physical activities, hypothyroidism, insular diabetes, castration, malfunction of lipid exchange.

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