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Short Leather Great Dane Leash

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  • Model: L8###1031 20 mm Short leather leash


Leather Leash to control Great Dane

Along with other types of dog equipment, Dog Leashes may differ. They may be long for special training activities, ordinary for everyday walkings and short, sometimes not longer than a handle of the Leash. Of course, there are much more categories of Leashes, but now we want to pay your attention to last category - short Leashes. What is so useful in their design and length? In short, they allow you to get more control over your Great Dane. It may be vital when taking the dog off the car or during walking, because Danes are very curious and may quickly change the direction of moving. You will appreciate the length of this Leash if you donít like such behavior. Besides, itís easier to train your dog to walk right by your side, using this Short Stitched Leather Leash. We always say truth to our dear clients and you will be sure that all advantages, described here are correct after first walk or training session with your Great Dane.

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Short Leather Great Dane Leash

Short Leather Great Dane Leash for better control

Leather Great Dane Pull Tab with brass snap hook

Leather Great Dane Pull Tab

Key features of this Great Dane Leash:

  • 100% full grain leather
  • Brass high quality snap hook
  • Carefully handmade
  • 3/4 inch wide smooth waxed edges leather
  • Stitching and rivets for durability
  • High-quality product

Intended use of this Great Dane Leash:

  • Daily walking
  • Training activities
  • Patrolling

Sizes available:

  • 12 inches (30 cm) - including snap hook

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

This Short Leash is stitched and riveted for better durability. You may be sure that it wonít tear and the edges wonít fray for years. We produce this Lead of finest quality leather, specially selected to make any item of dog equipment as reliable as possible.

The snap hook of the Leash is made of brass. The rivets used to fix the loop are made of this material as well. Due to it the hardware wonít corrode. Besides, the fittings add special style and elegance to the Lead.

The quality of the product is topnotch, because we do everything we can to please our clients and to provide their pets with upgraded dog equipment.  

We are running family based business. What does it mean for you? Everyone cares around here. Cares about making the best stuff in the world to be proud of, cares about shipping fast so you can get your order while you still excited. Every one cares to help when you need assistance after purchase is made Ė whatever it is.

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