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The main reasons of your Great Dane endless barking

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March, 25 2014

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Are you tired of endless barking of your Great Dane? If you are searching for any solution to resolve this problem or to control it, you should first understand the main reasons why dogs bark. Barking is considered to be a natural part of the dog’s behavior. It is the main way of the dog communication. But, why dogs bark excessively? First of all, the most important factor why dogs bark is their loneliness. When family members leave home, dogs try to return them with a help of barking. The lack of dog exercise can also provoke barking. Dogs as people should release their excess energy. Barking also is the best way to draw attention of a dog owner when they want to play, eat or drink water. Territorial protection is a type of barking when dogs see any strangers or other animals near your home or property. Barking is the way to express dogs' happiness when they play or are going for a walk. 


Great Dane. Standard of the breed

Appearance. In general, Great Dane is a big-sized dog with balanced appearance, nobility and proportionality of lines, thus he resembles an antique statue.  The most important proportions of Great Dane...


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